Welcome in our renovated recidence by the pond Pustý in Blatná.

The previous owner Mr. Miloň Böhm (*1853 – 1919) was the head office – holder at bank Slavie in Prague, the long time member of Prague sport organization Sokol, the chairman of a choir. He was known as a singer. He returned to Blatná where he was born to built his residence. His father was a teacher at the parish school and the director of the church choir. His nephew Jan (John) came to Blatná after the First World War and he began to cultivate wild growing dog-roses. In a short time he was able to grow the largest rose gardens in Europe (31 ha). He was the one to make Blatná famous as the „City of Roses“. Miloň Böhm was active in the sport organization Sokol (Falcon) in Blatná and in the year 1912 he was elected to the municapal council. His tomb store is roughly carved granite block on which sat a metal falcon holding a dumbell in his claws. (The name Sokol means falcon, who was the symbol of the sport organization). The building is decorated with a sculptural group which served as a symbol of a bright future for the citizens of Blatná. After the death of the original owners the condition of the house began deteriorate. The new owners started with the reconstruction in the year 2005. With the greatest care of keeping the building in the original art secession.