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The town of Blatná is famous for growing roses, breeding fish in a picturesque area full of ponds and beautiful forests.
In the city there is a castle surrounded by an extensive English park, the forests are planted with breathtaking willow trees and the adjacent hills with lookouts.

Blatná Water Castle

The history of Blatná Castle dates back to the end of the 13th century, when a fortress stood here, which was rebuilt into a Gothic castle in the following century. Today, the castle belongs to one of the most architecturally valuable buildings in our country.

The castle is in private hands, but is open to the public during the tourist season. Within a 60-minute tour, visitors can view historic interiors, including the study of Jan Evangelista Purkyně, a hunting salon, an empire salon, a family gallery or a private collection from Ethiopia. Shortened tours are available for children, but those who wish can extend the tour to include the Green Hall or the chapel.

The beautiful castle park is criss-crossed with streams, bridges, paths and avenues, and there is also a herd of fallow deer living here, reminiscent of the field that once lived here. The park is open all year round.

Rocking stones - Viklans

The forests around Blatná are famous for their massive granite boulders, known as Viklany.

The formation of rock formations is explained by the gradual weathering of the rock, when less resistant parts are more quickly subject to geological influences.

One of the largest in Bohemia is located in the area – Kadovský viklan. The round boulder weighing an incredible 30 tons and measuring over 11 meters in circumference is located in a forest near the village of Kadov, less than 10 km from Blatná.

Another granite giant – Kosatínský viklan is located near the village of Boudy na Písecko in the Malý Kosatín protected nature area and you can reach it by following the Alšov educational trail.

Lookout tower Na Chlumu

Near the village of Chanovice, east of Klatov, there is a unique lookout tower on the wooded peak of Chlum at an altitude of 608 meters.

The lookout tower on Chlum was built of concrete bricks in 2010, it is 28 meters high, and whoever climbs its 136 steel steps to the wooden viewing pyramid with a platform at a height of 25 meters will be rewarded for the effort with nice views of the Brdy Mountains with the Tremšín hill and the Šumava panorama from the Český les through the central Šumava to Prachatick and Lipno.

St. John the Baptist in Paštyky church

The onion-shaped tower of the Paštice church can be seen from a wide area. The church, which is one of the most beautiful monuments in Blaten, was built in 1753 according to the plans of Kilian Ignác Dienzenhofer. 

The chancel and the nave are richly divided by cornices and pilasters. The chancel and the nave are richly divided by cornices and pilasters. The end of the nave is a chancel with a Rococo organ.

The church’s location in the countryside on a high terrace with a double staircase and its architecture from the end of Dienzenhofer’s life is a harmonious work of three prominent Baroque artists of their time.

Information center Blatná

For more information about Blatná and cultural events, you can visit the Infocenter Blatná website.