We welcome you to the renovated villa, which is located in a beautiful environment on the shore of the Pustý pond in Blatná. The unrepeatable atmosphere of the place on the outskirts of a picturesque South Bohemian town with immediately adjoining forests directly invites you to relax and rest. The surroundings of the guesthouse and the town allow visitors to enjoy a variety of activities related to hiking, cycling, swimming, fishing, mushroom picking, etc. Blatná itself, a town founded in the 13th century. with a rich cultural tradition, historical monuments and a wide sports background, it is one of the increasingly popular centers.

Accommodation is in single and multi-bed rooms (some rooms have kitchenettes), private bathroom facilities (toilet, shower / bathtub, sink), television + satellite and free internet connection (cable and wifi connection). Parking is right next to the guesthouse.

The guesthouse does not have a permanent reception, so please, if possible, keep to the agreed time.

On the day of arrival, your room, economy suite, suite will be ready from 2 p.m. On the day of departure, we ask you to check out of the room by 10 a.m. (changes according to agreement).

Smoking is prohibited in the entire guesthouse!

Art Nouveau building

Miloň Böhm vilu  (1853-1919) designed in 1909 by Čeněk Micka, an important Prague architect. Construction was completed in the fall of 1910.

Mr. Miloň Böhm believed in the great prosperity of the city of Blatná and the well-being of the citizens of Blatná, which is expressed by the sculpture in the facade of the building.

The Böhm couple had no children, and therefore the villa changed owners and fell into disrepair throughout the period. It was repaired only in 2005, when the new owner began a demanding reconstruction. He tried to preserve the original character of the building with the greatest care.

You too can also see for yourself the success of the reconstruction.

Grey house

When the art nouveau building had its 100th anniversary, a dilapidated property nearby was for sale, so we decided to buy and use this building for accommodation, which is in great demand in Blatná… and construction began.

This building expresses the architectural view of the building of the beginning of the 21st century. century.

The guesthouse was completed in 2016.

Garden house

The Art Nouveau villa needed certain facilities (boiler room, laundry room, drying room), so a garden house was designed here 100 years ago. In addition to the facilities, half of the house was used for relaxation. There was a beautiful view of the pond, which was made possible by the glass roof of the house.

In this building, which has retained the name Zahradní dům (Garden house), the reception and dining room (where we serve breakfast) are located on the ground floor. There is an economy suite on the 1st floor .

Breakfast is served between 7:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. or by prior arrangement.

In nice weather, you can enjoy breakfast outside with a view of the pond.

Parking in the gusethouse area

For guests arriving by car, we have our own lockable parking lot.

We welcome cyclists, to whom we will offer a lockable bicycle shed.